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College Guidance Network demystifies the college application process, especially in this time of COVID. We help students and those that support them with a free webinar series featuring nationally recognized experts and experienced admissions officers who offer insights on essential topics like how to develop a school list, write an effective essay, and maximize financial aid. Students and those who support them will even be able to participate in live Q&A sessions and observe a simulated admissions committee meeting.



You have some of the most important jobs in America as you guide our youth through their formative years and help them plan for their futures. Working with students on their post-secondary plans is just one of many hats you wear and College Guidance Network (CGN) has the tools to support you. CGN  was founded as a way to bring college admissions experts from around the country into the homes of your students through virtual technology. Our goal is  to increase the impact of your work while saving you the time it takes to create, curate, and distribute college guidance resources to  your students and their families. 


We are an organization founded by high school parents building a virtual programming network focused on supporting school and college counselors by delivering the very best experts on all aspects of the college process into the homes of their college-bound families.


Our monthly, online programming addresses the complexities of finding the right college fit, the strategies for presenting your best self, and the best practices for paying for it all.


Every episode has three elements;

  • A forty-minute interview or panel with recognized experts about a specific aspect of the admissions process

  • A live, twenty-minute Q&A session  in which parents and students have the opportunity to interact directly with the experts

  • A virtual goodie bag for participants with links to curated tools and valuable information resources that are either free or low-cost


*Episodes are available for later viewing for those who cannot watch live.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


From a parent...

"Thanks for offering these opportunities to learn about this process. Being from another country and not having ever gone to school in the US, I’m finding this very helpful."

From a family...

"The webinars have been extremely informative and helpful. The panelists have been excellent, with concrete guidance and tips being offered. The panelists have also made the admission process feel more manageable and less overwhelming."

From a counselor...

"This was fantastic - thank you for the calm demeanor - host was awesome! As well as all the messaging, really can't thank you enough"

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