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You have some of the most important jobs in America as you guide our youth through their formative years and help them plan for their futures. Working with students on their post-secondary plans is just one of many hats you wear and College Guidance Network (CGN) has the tools to support you. CGN  was founded as a way to bring college admissions experts from around the country into the homes of your students through virtual technology. Our goal is  to increase the impact of your work while saving you the time it takes to create, curate, and distribute college guidance resources to  your students and their families. 


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In 2021, College Guidance Network is planning 14+ free episodes for you to share with your students. Episodes will range from topics like crafting your college list, to researching schools during COVID, to how to finance a college education. For each episode we bring in experts like college admissions directors, financial aid advisors, high school counselors and more. These  episodes are  a great way for you to kick off conversations about these topics with your students.


Most episodes are accompanied by a Takeaway Toolkit, a packet of information with action items, follow-up resources, and conversation starters for counselors, students and parents. Since our episodes align with the college admissions calendar, many counselors have used our episodes and toolkits to structure a college guidance curriculum to use with their students.


When your students attend episodes live, they can take advantage of real time Q&A with our panelists. But we know sometimes attending live isn’t feasible or students need to hear information again to internalize it. That’s why we created the College Guidance Library.



The College Guidance Library is a hub of CGN resources that you can customize to best meet the needs of your students. In the College Guidance Library your students will find all of our previous episodes (with captions in Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and Mandarin) and accompanying toolkits, a financial resource center, and a list of our upcoming episodes. As a counselor, you can add announcements, helpful links, and other information to share with your students and their families.



Have you ever had a student ask you a question and you wish you could have someone from the other side of the admissions desk weigh in? That’s what Admissions HQ is for. Within your Counselor Console you can submit questions to our CGN team who have years of experience working in college admissions offices at multiple institutions. Since our job is dedicated to supporting you, we can get back to you much faster than a busy admissions counselor who juggles questions from counselors with many other responsibilities.

*You need to be logged into your counselor console to access Admissions HQ



What is the College Guidance Network?

CGN is a free series of scheduled streamed video episodes, with live Q&A by admissions experts, that support families as they navigate every important part of the college admissions process. CGN also offers tools that help school counselors save time while increasing their impact on students and those who serve them.


Who are the experts?

Our experts are college admissions directors, financial aid experts, high school counselors, current college students and professionals from top college admissions organizations.


How does it work?

We use virtual technology and high-quality audio-visual production to bring the best experts into the living room of every college-bound student. Recordings of every episode are stored in your school’s online College Guidance Library along with Takeaway Toolkits that provide helpful action steps on how to move forward.


How do counselors participate ?

We ask that you share our video content with your students and those who serve them. A registration link for each new episode will be emailed to you in a format that is sharable. Previous episodes are archived  in your video library.


How much does CGN cost?

CGN includes at least 14 free episodes in 2021 covering key topics in the college admissions process. There is also no cost or obligation to use CGN’s counselor tools.


What is Admissions HQ?

Admissions HQ offers direct access to experienced admissions officers to answer all of your college related questions. To contact admissions HQ, email your questions to admissionsHQ@collegegudiancenetwork.com or submit a question through the Counselor Console. 


How can I access the College Guidance Library and Counselor Console?

You will receive a unique URL to access your library and the counselor console. This library can be customized and used to provide updates and announcements to your students in addition to our content


Which school staff should sign up for CGN?

Currently we allow multiple counselors from the same school to sign up for CGN. Each counselor will have access to their own library.