Seniors! You Have a Big Decision to Make

Advice on evaluating offers of admission, financial aid packages, and waitlist options to arrive at a final enrollment decision. 


During this event, you and your student will learn about:

  • How to weigh the pros and cons of various college options with attention to academic opportunities, student life, career aspirations, and college finances.

  • How to interpret and compare financial aid awards.

  • Whether to consider and where to go for guidance with financial aid appeal letters.

  • How waitlists are managed by colleges and next steps for waitlisted students.

Speakers: Ashley Bennett, High School Counselor; Robert Kelchen, Professor; Caroline Broadfoot, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, University of Richmond; Eva Blanco Masias, VP for Enrollment Management, Santa Clara University; Carine Kolb, Senior Counseling Specialist, American Student Assistance; Dhruv, BU College Freshman; Keith Pentlan, Parent of a College Freshman

This episode originally aired on March 24, 2021.