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Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Expands Support to Students and Families for the College and Career Planning Process

BOSTON, MA Jan 17, 2024 — Continuing its efforts to support students in post-secondary planning, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has initiated a pilot with the College Guidance Network (CGN) to support students, families, and school counselors representing 58 school districts, to identify the best postsecondary opportunity for each student.

The pilot will enable Guidance Counselors to achieve five benefits

  • Give every parent their own personalized navigation system that tells them what to do, when to do it, why, and how

  • Create and foster better collaboration between parents and students to stay on track during the college and career planning process.

  • Enable every student and parent to create a personalized, comprehensive roadmap designed to guide them month by month through the crucial phases of the process, providing an actionable strategic plan supported by timely insights from college and career experts.

  • Enable schools to turn their parents into an army of counseling assistants to support the college and career guidance process

  • Give families access to over 260 top college and career experts featured across 2,300 videos in the CGN content library

“This pilot is a critical component of our work to provide a pathway to a college education for every student in Massachusetts,” said Jeff Riley, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education. “CGN builds upon systems already in place in schools to provide an additional level of support to families and students, helping to level the playing field for them. CGN will revolutionize the college and career planning process for Massachusetts students and parents”

“Massachusetts is a leader in education in the United States,” said Jon Carson, Founder of College Guidance Network. “Our partnership with DESE will enable more students the opportunity to find the post-secondary pathway that is best for them and provide parents the knowledge they need to make this pathway a reality for their child.”

About College Guidance Network (CGN): The College Guidance Network (CGN) is the pioneer in democratizing expertise and leveling the playing field in the college and career planning process for every student and family. CGN delivers access to experts and fosters collaboration between parents and students, offering a personalized and comprehensive roadmap meticulously designed to navigate the critical phases of college and career planning. Each roadmap includes key action items, deadlines, and personalized nudges ensuring students and parents stay on course throughout the process. CGN is transforming the landscape of college guidance, empowering Counselors and schools to drive optimal post-secondary outcomes for every student. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:

College Guidance Network Matt Hausmann, Head of Marketing

Source: College Guidance Network, Inc.


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