Teenage Students Raising Hands

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower college-bound students along with their families to confidently navigate the college admissions process, while supporting school and college counselors in their guidance roles. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and confidence they need to navigate the college application process with the best outcomes and greatest success.

Empowering Students and Their Families. 


There is an imbalance of power between families and colleges: colleges have more information, more resources, and sophisticated marketing techniques. The result is that families are out-matched in a high-stakes process that causes a lot of anxiety. College Guidance NetworkTM has one goal, and that is to empower the family with critical information and guidance. We are always on the side of the family.

Bridging The Guidance Gap

We live in a world where good college guidance has been available -- but all too often only for those who can pay for it. The average college consultant charges over $5,000 for private services, which is a non-starter for most families.

School guidance departments do the best they can to advise students, but they handle many responsibilities and are often not in a position to provide the same level of weekly attention as these private consultants. PTO/PTA’s try to compensate with meetings and presentations, but the net effect is that families can often feel as if they are on their own, fending for themselves.

Our mission is to broaden access to excellent guidance and curate the best resources, thereby helping to bridge the “guidance gap”. Good college guidance should be broadly available for everyone who needs it.

Parents and Students Are Both Stakeholders 

While students should drive the application process, they often benefit from parental support. Not too much and not too little. Every episode of our programming includes a parent-student discussion guide to support constructive communication and effective planning.


Our Values