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Making Choices in College Admission: You're in Control

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You have more control over the college admissions process than you think. Yes, colleges decide whether to admit you. But before that, YOU get to decide where to apply. YOU get to decide how you present yourself in your application. And ultimately YOU get to decide where to enroll. Join Director of College Counseling Brennan Barnard and his guests Barry Schwartz, author of the Paradox of Choice and professor emeritus at Swarthmore College; and Jim Bock, Vice President and Dean of Admissions at Swarthmore at 7:30pm eastern on Wednesday, April 13th, for **Making Choices in College Admission: You’re in Control**, a live interactive discussion on decision making and asserting yourself in the process. You’ll learn about:
- The idea behind Barry Schwartz’ book “The Paradox of Choice” and how it relates to admissions.
- How to approach the journey to college as an active - and not passive - process.
- Recognizing the family dynamic involved in making small and big life decisions.

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