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  • Wed, Feb 24
    Making & Managing Your College List
    Making & Managing Your College List: What’s Negotiable? What’s Your Criteria?
  • Wed, Mar 10
    What's New and What's Changed this Year
    Standardized Testing, College Visits, and More
  • Wed, Apr 07
    College as an Investment
    A Focus on Financial Fit and an Affordable Education

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ACT Testing

  • Next test is Feb 6th 

  • Registration deadline is Jan 8th


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SAT Testing

  • Next test is Mar 13th

  • Registration deadline is Feb 12th

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Virtual College Fair

  • Jan 31st


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  • Spend time each week attending online college fairs and taking virtual campus tours.

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Financial Resource Center

Money Matters: College Affordability and Financial Aid 101

Insights and practical advice from four financial aid experts:

  • Claire Dennison, uAspire

  • Holly Mollow, uAspire

  • Patricia Reilly, Tufts University

  • Darryl Tiggle, Friends School of Baltimore

Lee Coffin, Dean of Admissions at Dartmouth College will moderate the expert panelists in conversation.

Financial Discussion Guide Toolkit

Earning a college degree is a life-changing opportunity and a significant family expense.

What’s In the Kit:

  • Guidance/Actions

  • Resources

  • Helpful Terms

  • How to Talk about College Financing

College Cost Calculators

Estimate the price of colleges on your list with these high-quality calculators:

The Importance of Understanding College Return on Investment

EdSurge's Nick Ducoff writes about access and affordability, asking...
"Is College Worth It? Decoding New Approaches to Calculating ROI"

Help for Students, Parents and Alumni

Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) is an authorized agent for American Student Assistance® (ASA) to help you with managing your ASA®-guaranteed federal student loans.

For more information around how to prevent student loan default, call 800.298.9490 or email options@ecmc.org.

Best Value Colleges

With the average college student graduating with tens-of-thousands of dollars in student loans, prospective college students, parents and policymakers are all trying to better understand the value of college education, particularly as it applies to future decisions in the job market.

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